E50361Z Keel Kooler with Zinks: Threads Model

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Frigoboat Keel Cooler fitting Thread Mount. Similar to a regular thru-hull fitting, where the throat passes through the hull, and a nut is threaded onto the shaft and tightened. The keel-cooler must be mounted within 5' of the compressor. A Frigoboat keel-cooler acts as the condenser for the system. The R134a refrigerant gas is circulated by the compressor, down through tubing inbedded in the sintered bronze where the heat exchange takes place, removing the heat completely from the refrigerant and not into vessel.  No pump! No fan! No noise! Choose either the model with zincs or without zincs, if you can connect the keel cooler into your bonding system. "The keel cooler concept is great - you get the benefits of a water cooling circuit without having to winterize the unit, or do any maintenance in fact, and without the energy losses of a water pump... We have found with properly insulated iceboxes that the refrigerator holds a very even temperature and ice cream remains rock hard in the freezer" Nigel Calder, Marine Journalist, Author and World Cruiser

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