MTCGX Series Modular Chiller - 36,000 BTUs - 120,000 BTUs - R410A

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New MTCGX R-410A modular chillers provide installation flexibility, reliability, maximum performance, and accessibility for easy maintenance and repair. They are ideal as drop-in replacements for Cruisair MTC R-407C units.

These reverse-cycle modules are available in capacities of 24,000-120,000 BTU/Hr (2 to 10 tons). Up to six modules can be staged to achieve higher capacities.

Thermal expansion valves optimize performance over a wide range of conditions, while a hot gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater. With reverse-cycle heating effectiveness in seawater temperatures as low as 38° F (3.5° C), the need for separate fossil fuel or electric water heaters is eliminated in most applications.

MTCGX chillers have two sub-modules, identical in dimensions, which allow a sub-module to be rotated to achieve more convenient water connection locations or compressor access. The sub modules can even be separated for remote mounting when space is limited. Sub-module changes can be handled in the field, or special ordered from the factory.

All units have built-in protection devices, including: high- and low-pressure switches, loop-water flow switch, hot-gas bypass valve, and loop-water freeze sensor. A wire harness with polarized plug is included for easy electrical connections.

Key Benefits

■ Titanium condenser resists erosion and corrosion
■ Titanium condenser increases durability and product lifespan
■ R-410A replacement for Cruisair MTC chillers
■ Up to six modules can be multiplexed for larger capacities
■ Reverse-cycle heating
■ Scroll compressors standard
■ Dual sub-modules allow more convenient water connections or separation for remote
mounting in tight spaces
■ Removable seawater manifolds allow cleaning of condenser tubing
■ Thermal expansion valve for optimal performance over a range of conditions
■ Hot-gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater and helps
prevent water freezing in the heat exchanger.
■ Environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant

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