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NEW SMXht keypad / display in gray. Control for Cruisair's Self-Contained and Split A/C (aka DX or direct expansion) systems. Black Vimar bezel shown here (sold separately).MFG#: 722200000 The SMXht keypad/display is a microprocessor-based control for Crusair's self-contained and direct expansion (split A/C) systems. It has a sleek, Modern-European design, available in gray or white, and features raised buttons for easy use. Works with decorative snap-on bezels are available, as shown here (sold separately here on, or any other Vimar® Idea or Gewiss® Playbus bezel styles. Great features of the Cruisair SMXht keypad / display:

  • Line voltage and refrigerant high and low pressure switches are constantly monitored
  • If a problem with the system is detected, it will be automatically shut down, and display
  • error code on display
  • Complete system monitoring
  • Automatic humidity control removes moisture when boat is unattended
  • Supports auxilliary heat

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